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Holmelee House Name

Holmelee is the name we gave to our home, when we moved here April 2004. The name is derived from our two surnames (Holmes and Lee).

The word "Holme", 'comes from the Old English and Old Norse words for a small island or low lying land by a river' e.g. as in "Holme Pierrepont".  Incidentally, Pierrepont is French for "Stone Bridge"... The family came over with William the Conqueror in 1066 and settled in Nottinghamshire in 1280.

BUCS Regatta - Holme Pierrepont
BUCS Regatta - Holme Pierrepont

And the word "Lee", according to a typical dictionary definition is 'an area sheltered from the wind'...

So I suppose it's quite an appropriate name, as our home is of course a shelter and we've lived close to the river Trent for most of our lives (both here in Staffordshire and previously in Nottinghamshire).

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