Willow Tree

So, I guess you were wondering about the willow tree? Well, it appears on our house name plaque. When we bought this house in 2004, it had a mature garden, surrounded by tall conifer hedges, with a Willow tree in the middle of the back garden.

Holmelee House Name
Holmelee House Name

When the house was built in the 1980s, there was a stream at the bottom of the garden (now in a culvert), with a large Willow tree on its bank. The old tree blew down one night in a storm, so the previous home owners planted a replacement tree in a different location.

The roots of the old tree were still very much in evidence, at the bottom of the garden, when we first moved in, but over the years, we gradually dug up the larger ones and reclaimed that area of the garden. The current Willow tree needs regular pruning each year, to keep it in shape and curtail it's growth, but it provides us with some welcome shade in the summer.

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